CNH Visual Art & Design

Storysharing Exhibition

This exhibit showcases my artistic talent while highlighting African American community leaders of the city of Richmond. I have used interdisciplinary practices by recording interviews and conversations with each community leader, illustrating portraits of each community leader, and creating inspirational posters that accompany each portrait.

 See the portraits,

hear the voices,

and read the stories of community leaders.

I’m the Vice President of our tenant council in Mosby.
— Aquanetta Scott

I knew that this is where the country started, this is where the change needs to take place. If we don’t change it here it doesn’t get changed.
— L. Douglas Wilder

My assignment was to become a cultural educator,
a cultural artist, a folklorist, to co-create -with God,
experiences for people that hopefully make their lives better.
— Janine Bell

I am a full time artist and I’ve been blessed to paint all of my life. Its just been a joy to be able to do what I love to do, so I started the Painters Poetry and Love Life Center.
— Jerome Jones

Michael Herring.jpg
If I had to put a cap on what my career would be
I would have to say educator and servant
in the business of serving others.
— Joseph Lyons

I’m the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the city of Richmond.
— Michael Herring

I’m the community partnerships coordinator at VCU ASPiRE.
— Nannette Bailey
Somehow she found out about Saint Philip School of Nursing, down at MCV that I could go in 3 years and I was still with my classmates when they came Out. In fact I found out I made more money by being a nurse.
— Miriam Bailey