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About Don’t Touch My Hair RVA



This project is: 

  • Personal Narrative as a form of expertise to learning about diversity within marginalized communities.

  • Diverse representation of Black women/PoC and queer folks.

  • Social Dance and Choreography that represents Black unity, respect, love & inclusion, within Richmond neighborhoods.

  • Use of multimedia and art practice to form interdisciplinary community involvement among

  • a F.U.B.U. Initiative

We have held multiple filmings meet-ups  in the community Historic Jackson Ward, the VA State Capitol and Slave Trail, and both RVA First Friday's as well as Manchester Manifest First Friday's. 

These 'All Call' filmings have been a direct way to involve and recruit the Black Richmonders as participants and co-creators of our film. We could not complete this project without the generous efforts of folks in this amazing-Black-excellence filled city!

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