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How Do You Do It?

Christina HairstonComment

For me there's no greater feeling than setting a goal, putting in the work and seeing it through to the finish. It's so satisfying! Like, more than heads or tails Oreos satisfying. After I've helped plan and implement an event or I've achieved a personal goal, I'm asked time and time again, "How do you do it?"

The funny thing is I've never really thought about it... In fact I surprise myself quite often. But I've found that through practice, patience, and self motivation I can achieve any goal I set. It may be more challenging for some of us than others, but we all can be goal-oriented if we challenge ourselves.

The go-getter - If your like me, you are always involved in everything! Sometimes even by accident. People are naturally drawn to you and come to you for advice and wisdom. If it wasn't your idea you helped in the planning, if it wasn't planned by you it was your idea, if it wasn't your idea or planned by you then you were asked to be a part, or you helped in all three aspects. For you setting goals and keeping things in order comes naturally so you are asked to do A LOT, but you don't mind because you know you can handle it. 

If you don't match the qualities above you can still be goal oriented! It just takes a little more effort. Here are some general tips to help you reach your goals:

1. Write it down and be organized

Yes, this is the simplest thing ever and a no brainer, but it REALLY HELPS. I am at a point in life that I literally can't remember anything unless I write it down. I always have a planner, sketchbook, sticky notes, mac, tablet, phone, whatever it takes for me to get it out of my brain and someplace I can read it later is essential.

Notes: If you don't use the Notes app on your iPhone I have no idea how YOU do it. Honestly the best thing invented ever. One of the new features for notes that I really like is notes collaboration. Again, best thing ever.

2. Utilize your resources

As students there are SO MANY resources afforded to us. Most of them are virtually free (after paying 22,000 in tuition) But regardless, theres so many things at VCU most of us don't utilize. To name a few:

  • Google Drive: Most of us students are pretty hip to this at VCU but for the old heads and those just unaware, Google Drive is amazing. For collaboration, file sharing, and storage it's basically everything you need to keep your ish together. Also every VCU student gets an UNLIMITED amount of space on Google Drive.. Yes, I said unlimited.


  • VCU Cabell Library: We have all been to the library at least once in our lives. In my student admissions ambassador voice, "Yes, you can rent books - but wait there's more!" You can reserve rooms for meetings, go to lectures, or rent a range of materials. Innovative Media is a department located in the basement of the library called The Workshop you can rent media equipment as well as reserve time to use VERY EXPENSIVE equipment for FREE. If you have never gone to The Workshop check out their website to see all they have to offer.


  • VCUarts Depot: The VCUarts Depot is one of the coolest spaces on campus for a number of reasons, not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it has a range of amazing things inside for students (and the public at a price) to use. I primarily use The Depot to reserve space for events I plan or for my meetings. The key here is ANYONE can rent it out! 

3. Keep some winners in your circle


The only way to be successful is to ask for help. Once you figure out that you cant do it all you will see that sometimes other people can actually do it better than you. 

Professional help: Network with your professors, staff and people you look up to. When you present an idea that benefits both you and them there's almost no way they will say, "no". Exactly, the worst thing they can say is "no".

Friends: Let me tell you, I have some BOMB friends. Like when I tell you we are all so talented in so many ways its true. I've been blessed to be surrounded by others that have amazing talents, skills, and interests. These are the people I can call on and I know exactly who to ask when I need some assistance. Surround yourself with people who are great, just like you.

4. Don't stress! (too much)

This is something I am learning and improving on day by day. Although the outcome can be fun and amazing, when you commit to a goal the steps to make it happen can be overbearing, overwhelming and flat out stressful! Take it one day at a time, if you follow steps 1, 2 and 3 you will realize that because you were organized, used your resources, and reached out to people for  help that you don't need to be too stressed. A little stress is healthy (That just means you care).


*These are events that I will be attending or have helped plan

African American Read-In

February 9th 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Commons Underground

I'll have artwork on display from my recent exhibition Storysharing. Drop by anytime from 11 - 4 to hear from featured readers, read an excerpt from your favorite African American piece of literature, and view my work!






Forgotten News. Forgotten Names. | An Evening of Art Advocacy & Activation. (Photoshoot) 

February 10th -11th

mOb Studio and VCU Cary Street Gym Racketball Room

My out of this world go-getter friend Denzel Boyd has created an amazing film; Forgotten News. Forgotten Names. Check out the film website here: 

We have received an Undergraduate Research Grant to create innovative ways to share his work with the VCU and Richmond community. Saturday, we will have a photoshoot with Daniel Diasgranados to begin promotion for all the events we've planned, be on the lookout for that.

First event: Film screening March 3, 2017 to show his work to the VCU community: Register here:

Black Art Student Empowerment General Body Meeting

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

February 12th 8:00 p.m.

VCUarts Depot 814 West Broad Street

Black History In The Making

Social Work students awarded in 2016.

Social Work students awarded in 2016.

 February 15th 7:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m.

VCUarts Depot 814 West Broad Street

VCU's Department of African American Studies will host its annual Black History In the Making Ceremony. The ceremony honors students selected by academic departments across VCU for their stellar achievements at school, work, and in the community.

Artwork of my organization Black Art Student Empowerment will also be on display throughout the ceremony.


POSTPONED: A Muse From Me To You: Black Excellence Edition

February 17th 6:00 p.m. - Until

Hippodrome Theater 528 N 2nd Street

Enjoy & Maintain and Black Art Student Empowerment partner to bring you A Muse From Me To You: Black Excellence Edition. Enjoy the art and buy from local RVA vendors.


Unfortunately this event has been postponed, new date TBA




An Evening with Angela Davis

February 24th 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m

University Student Commons, Commonwealth Ballrooms

This event will be absolutely AMAZING. Tickets are sold out BUT OMSA will be offering tickets to a live streaming event very very soon. Check OMSA's Facebook to be on the lookout for that!

My Black Is Professional: Panel & Networking Event

February 27th 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

University Student Commons, Richmond Salons I-II