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Closure & #HurtBae

Christina MilesComment

You know who you are, when you've been hurt over and over and feel like you've done it all right it's time to reflect. We all know what she really wanted to say when he asked her why she didn't just leave after she knew he was cheating on her. She said he was her best friend. She loved him. Being the good girl you are, I'm sure you gave him a chance, you let him do things you would never allow anyone to do to you, but because it was him you did.

How Do You Do It?

Christina MilesComment

The funny thing is I've never really thought about it... In fact I surprise myself quite often. But I've found that through practice, patience, and self motivation I can achieve any goal I set. It may be more challenging for some of us than others, but we all can be goal-oriented if we challenge ourselves.