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The current campus climate of VCU is described as divided and uncomfortable for student minority groups on campus. Campus climate is defined as:

“The current attitudes, behaviors and standards of faculty, staff, administrators and

students concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential." 


Three poster designs created to promote the Human Stencil Project Event

Participate in the Online Survey

How do you feel about VCU's Campus Climate? Results of this online survey will inform my project.

Student Campus Climate Video Survey

Students were randomly selected and given the opportunity to discuss a question from my online campus climate survey. Results of the online survey are also included in pie chart form.


Art Making

  1. Student participants lied down on a black painted canvas drop cloth.
  2. As lead artist, I drew student participant’s body outline, or stencil with Chalk Ink Markers, their stenciled outline represents the humanity we share
  3. Students could lie down in any pose they wished, but their poses must interact with another stencil drawn prior to their own. This illustrates inclusion and how we interact with one another to create an inclusive community.
  4. Student participants add their own unique features or attributes about themselves in their stenciled outline. The unique features or attributes students add illustrate the diversity we have.


Jacynth Rodriguez



Photos below taken by Jacynth Rodriguez

Jasmyn Moore

Photo & Video



Photos below taken by Jasmyn Moore

Video recordings used in final video.

Paige Tate



Video recordings used in final video.

DJ Zairis Tejion




Did you attend the Human Stencil Project Event? Do you wish you could have? Do you have any suggestions? 

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